Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers! I have to say that I have an awesome mom and mother-in-law and am very grateful for both of them. My mom is very patient with me and my 5 phone calls a day...haha. She has been an example to me of how to look at trials as blessings. She knows how to calm to me down and is always there to listen to me rant and rave! I love you mom!!

Today we went to church. On Mother's day...all the primary children get up and sing to their moms. Kenna is of age to be in primary and went up on the stage to sing. I didn't know, but she had taken her princess wand up on the stage with her. The kids started singing and Makenna didn't know the song so she started talking to her friend Gwen. They started poking each other and making noise. They then kneeled behind the wall on the stage. When they stood back up they held the wand together and Makenna started saying really loud while pointing the wand at people in the audience, "Get that Lady! Get that Lady!" They were zapping people in the audience. I look up and the Bishop's wife and family are cracking up! Alot of other people saw and were cracking up too. You could hear her all the way in the back...I know...I was sitting in the back!! I was so embarrassed. I could have just beat her!!

But other than the church was a good day. Tyler took of 90% of the day and spent it with me. He only studied for a few hours tonight. We went to church together. We went over to my cousin Shae's together for lunch. It was really yummy and we had a good time visiting. Then for dinner we went over to Tyler's sister's house! It was good to see them and my niece. It was a day full of good food and good company!


Joni said...

Oh Jen, did we ever have a good laugh! Tell McKenna thanks for making our day so much fun! She said, "Get that lady! No, not that one! Get that other lady! Her!" Then Gwen would get the right lady and then McKenna would say, "Okay, now get that lady!" Now!" She was either pointing to me snf Wendy Cottle, I think. Our stomachs were hurting from laughing so hard.

The Orgill Family said...

That is too funny. I didn't even notice because I was on the other side watching my little girl try to jump over the side!! I just LOVE it when the primary sings!!