Friday, May 08, 2009

My Little is Growing Up

Bryn's first tooth popped through the gums 2 days ago! It was her bottom front left tooth. The bottom front right is almost through. She is 5 1/2 months old! She also ate her first bowl of rice cereal a few days ago. She seemed to like it. She has a hard time using her tongue though so she ends up pushing a lot of it right back out of her mouth. But we are working on it. She also is trying to sit up. She rolls all around on the ground, started laughing and loves to smile. Makenna loves to pinch and kiss her cheeks and say, "you have chubby cheeks Bryn." Makenna loves her little sister and Bryn marvels at Makenna. I hope they can be good friends when they get older!


Richey's said...

I can't believe that she already had a tooth, I just keep waiting for Reagan to get a tooth...but still not there. Fun! Fun!

Catherine T said...

Ahhhhh...little baby Bryn is growing up!