Tuesday, May 19, 2009

M & M Olympics

This is what Bryn did the whole....chewed her fingers. I tell her to stop because she can't afford to lose anymore digits :)
Kenna climbing up the rope wall
Climbing out of the foam pit!
Kenna getting her trophy and M & M's
Makenna and her teacher, Kristin.
Kenna doing her handstand. She had to keep looking up at me to make sure I was taking pictures
Waiting for her turn on the trapeze
On the Balance beam

Makenna had her last gymnastics class of the session today. They do an M & M olympics. The kids all get shirts and it's their time to show off their skills to all the parents. It was neat to see all the things Makenna could do. I would sit and watch her every class, but sometimes would be distracted with Bryn. But Tyler and I were able to go into the gym and sit there and watch. She also got a trophy and M & M's. She was super excited. She did so awesome!

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