Friday, May 29, 2009

Bryn's 6-Month Check-Up

Last week Bryn went in for her 6 month well-child check. She weighed 14 lbs. 4 oz (17%) and is 25.5 inches long (41%). She is moving up in her percentiles. The sad thing is is that Makenna weighed this much and was this long at her 4 month check. It is hard to not compare the 2 girls. Makenna was standing up against the table all by herself at 6 months. She was also sitting up and even started stage 2 baby food. She had started stage one at 4 months. Bryn was told to just start stage one at 6 months. She has been eating baby foor for a couple weeks now. She eats some about everyday. But she will only eat about a Tablespoon a day. The dr. said to just keep working with her. I really hope she isn't delayed in her learning ability and developmental stages. The physical therapist says she is right on. But now that she is 6 months I am starting to see a huge difference in where Makenna was to where Bryn is now. Hopefully things will start moving along with Bryn. Bryn just does not like to sit. We have been trying to put her in the bumbo seat and she has started arching her back and trying to escape from it. She is happier laying down or standing up.


Steve and Jen said...

It is hard not to compare your kids, not only to each other, but to other kids you see. Every baby develops at their own pace, some a lot faster than others. Oldest children are usually quick at everything they do. Brynn seems to be doing great!!

The Cherry Family said...

Every kid is different Jeni, so don't worry. Just because Makenna did something sooner than Bryn dosen't mean that anythings wrong. Maybe somewhere along the line Bryn will do something sooner than Makenna did. Savannah seemed to take a little longer to sit and crawl than I expected (Carter thinks because her head was big and she couldn't hold it by herself!)but then when it came to walking, once she started moving, she caught on so fast. So far Cooper seems very different than Savannah, strength wise, so he may do a lot of things before she did.

Andy and Melissa said...

Sterling doesn't like the bumbo near as much as stella did either. And she was standing against things at two months and Sterling is just barely standing while being held up. So it is kinda hard not to compare, but Sterling is sleeping through the night, or at least for 6 hours in a row way before Stella ever did, so I think it is just kind of normal to compare, because it is all we know to judge how well our kids are doing, but I think everything is fine, and they are just making sure we see them as individuals right off the bat.