Thursday, May 14, 2009

My girls!

I know that I complain about my girls alot. Makenna being naughty...Bryn not sleeping. But I do love them. I love them ALOT! It is the little moments I love the most. Like cuddling with Kenna on the couch while watching a movie. I love playing with Bryn and seeing her smile. When I tell Makenna she has hurt my feelings she gives me a hug and says, I love you Mommy. She may say some mean things to me, but she makes up for it when she tells me she misses me. She will randomly come up and say, "Mommy...I missed you at the store." Even though it was like a week ago that I went to the store and left her at home with Daddy. Today at playgroup she out of the blue came up and said, " Mommy I have a secret for you....You are the coolest!" She is very sweet and I love her.
Bryn is so cuddly and cute. She smiles alot and her giggles brighten my day. She is a pretty good baby. So all in all....I think my kids are the BEST! I hope I can continue to teach them so they can become better and better!

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