Sunday, May 03, 2009


Life has been full of ups and downs for Makenna. Today was a down day. She didn't get a nap and was not listening at all. When we got home I had her go play in her room. Well she got quiet...and we all know what that means! She was doing something wrong. I went into her room and checked on her and she was sitting in her closet. She was painting her elephant stuffed animal with nail polish. A few weeks ago I took her nail polish away and hid it in the bucket on her dresser. Well she had climbed up on her dresser and emptied the bucket. So I made sure everything was put away and left her in her room again. Well bad idea. I went upstairs and she had gone into the bathroom and filled up her tea set with what I thought was water. But was soap. She had emptied the soap bottle that was on the sink into her tea set. So then I had to lock the bathroom doors and then I locked my bedroom door so she was confined to only her room. UGH!!!

On a happier note- Here are some funny things about Kenna!
- When she sings "Popcorn Popping" she says, "Pah-corn popping on the Acre-pot tree". Haha instead of Popcorn and Apricot. haha
- In the car the other day we were talking
me: I love you Makenna
Kenna: I love you too Mommy
me: You're beautiful Makenna
Kenna: You're beautiful too Mommy
me: I love you too Brynlee
silence for a minute because ya know Brynlee can't talk
Kenna: She loves you too Mommy
me: laughing...Thanks Makenna
Kenna: Thank you Mommy. I apprecishiate it!
- Kenna always tell me when I talk to Bryn, "Mommy Brynlee doesn't understand you. She can't talk back."

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