Saturday, May 16, 2009

Target Practice

Shooting the 38 special. Mine is on the left, Tyler's on the right. I hit the bullseye!
This is the 9mm. I did the best with this gun. Got the bullseye 2 times and pretty close a few others. Mine is the left and Tyler's is the right.
This is the 45 calibur. I was really bad with this one. Tyler did well with it. Mine is on the left and Tyler's is on the right.
The other night Tyler and I went with his dad to go shooting. Tyler had finished his last final and was able to get out some of his stress. It was really fun. I was totally scared at first though and wasn't even sure if I would hit the target. We got shot 2 different 9mm, 38 specials and 45 calibur guns. Brad won 4 of the 6 guns and Tyler and I both won one! haha...Guess Brad is a better shot than us...don't want to mess with him!


Stephanie said...

Note to self: Don't get on Jen's bad side! lol!

Catherine T said...

And you were worried about Brad being a wierdo psycho shooter when we met you? We should have been afraid of YOU! Haha! Maybe you should come and help him shoot the rabbits in our yard. He still stinks at that!