Monday, May 25, 2009

First Lake Trip of 2009

Bryn enjoyed eating her lifejacket straps
She is so funny
Papa, Kenna, Bryn and Grammy
Makenna and Papa
Bryn, Kenna and Grammy
Bryn chilling on the dock
Bryn and her Uncle Steve
Kenna on Papa's black boat

haha...this is proof that it was the 1st lake trip of the summer. Almost every single year things go wrong on the first trip of the summer. We had a relatively calm first trip, but these muffins prove our luck! Jan had mixed up the batter for banana muffins and was already to bake them when she realized she didn't bring up the muffin tin. So she put the muffins in the paper and cooked them. They tasted just fine, but they look a little funny! haha. It did rain quite a bit though, but we didn't mind. It was just nice to kick back and relax.

We were able to go with Tyler's parents to the lake this weekend. We only went on the boat 2 times, but we didn't mind. The water was pretty cool and we enjoyed just hanging out. It acutally rained on us while we were out the first day. We watched a few movies and relaxed in the house. Kenna got to ride the scooter a few times with Tyler and her Papa. Bryn loved hanging out in the swing and even went on her first boat ride!

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The Orgill Family said...

how fun! I am glad you got to relax!!