Monday, May 04, 2009

Kimber's Pictures

Bryn eating her dress. She eats all her clothes...if she can stretch them high enough to get into her mouth.
The girls and one of their many uncles...Dallin. Makenna loved watching movies with Dallin while he was here!
The Larsen cousins! Makenna, Brynlee and Addison!
Bryn finally getting her sister back! haha
Isn't she gorgeous!?
Bryn and Aunt Ber!
Kimber and Dallin came home for the weekend. Kimber took pictures of the 3 girls! They turned out really cute! Makenna turned Dallin into her movie watching partner.


Waggoner Family said...

Love the new pics! So cute!!!!

The Orgill Family said...

Such beautiful girls!!