Thursday, December 23, 2010

California Christmas

I am way behind on blogging pictures for this month. I am still alive! haha. We have celebrated Christmas with Tyler's family, getting ready to celebrate Christmas with my family and then we are headed to a family reunion for Tyler's family! California has brought us crumby weather! We got here Sunday and it rained everyday minute of the day until today (Thursday). So we stayed inside a lot. It really doesn't feel like Christmas to me. Maybe Christmas day will be better!
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I will blog when I get home with lots of pictures!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Has Already Begun!

This mornings conversation:

Makenna: I want daddy to take me to school.

Me: Okay...Why can't I take you?

Makenna: can't take me in your bathrobe. Everyone will see you and know you are naked and laugh at me!


Ps...I was wearing clothes under my bathrobe! I guess I am already embarrassing my little girl!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bryn's 2 Year Well Child

Bryn had her well-child check on 11/29. Doc says things look great. Here are her stats
Weight: 25lbs. 5oz (32%)
Height: 34.5 inches (69%)
Head: 48cm (64%)
She is getting to be a little fatty ;) At least she isn't down in the teens or single digit percentiles!

Bryn is such a spunky little girl. Although she does NOT speak yet, she knows how to communicate to you. She understands everything you say and is extremely smart. She would drink coke and eat chips and candy all day if I let her. She loves pickle spears and blueberries (Not together). She loves to color (on everything!) including: herself, the walls and clothes! She loves Minnie mouse! She is super sensitive (emotionally). She shows so many different emotions and so many funny faces. She absolutely loves her daddy and I think she loves Makenna even more! Bryn does NOT like to see Makenna hurt or upset. They may not always play well together, but boy do they love each other! She will sit and watch movies and loves to play dolls. She loves little babies. I can't believe my little girl is 2. I love her so much! She has been through a lot in her short 2 years and is super strong and doesn't give up. She is in gymnastics and tries to do what the other kids are doing. There are a few things she can 't do physically, but we will continue to work with her to make sure she keeps building strength in her arms. She uses her thumbs like any of us would. Her hands aren't super strong...but that will come with time. Her muscles were underdeveloped from birth and so she won't ever have the strength in her hands as most of us do...but we will push her to work as hard as she can and never let her give up.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Playing in the Leaves

They do love each other! :)
Kenna Throwing leaves

Silly Faces
Kenna with all the leaves stuck in her hair
What an attitude!
Oh my mom!
Hanging out in the pile of leaves
Bryn looking through the fence

We have quite a few BIG trees in our neighborhood. In the fall/winter we get a TON of leaves. Although we do not have a tree in our yard, it seems like all the leaves collect in our drive. Yesterday we actually has some nice weather (upper 60's-low 70's). I took the girls out to ride their bikes, but they found the leaves to be much more fun. They played in them for at least an hour. Kenna loved throwing them and burying herself in them. Bryn had fun crunching them up in her hands. Who knew leaves would be so much fun to little girls?! :)

While Mom's Away(sick)...

pretty jammies

Unfortunately I caught the stomach bug Makenna had. Saturday night I got super sick and threw up all night. On Sunday I stayed home from church, obviously, and laid on the couch all day. Tyler had to go to church because he had some meetings he had to be at. The girls seemed to be playing very well right behind the couch I was laying on. I kept going in and out of sleep. Then Makenna started yelling..."MOM!!! Bryn has a marker!!" When I got up her legs were covered with black sharpie, yes a permanent marker! She had covered her legs, toys, dinner table and Tyler's jacket. Luckily it was an old jacket and it was in the inside. It has been almost a week and I am still having trouble getting the marker off her legs. Thank Heaven for the magic erasers that took it off the table and toys!