Sunday, May 30, 2010


Bryn has had bathroom issues since she was born. I usually have to put Miralax in her juice/water to help her go to the bathroom. Before surgery, Bryn hadn't gone to the bathroom in like 3-4 days. After surgery, the anesthesia makes it harder to go. The dr. told me that you can't really overdose on Miralax. Since Bryn hadn't pooped in about a 6 days I gave her a cap full, adult size, dose. I gave the girls their juice for breakfast and was in getting them some toast. Apparently Makenna was thirsty because she drank all of juice and while I was in the other room, drank all of Bryn's. Unfortunately for Makenna...she is one regular girl. So with one adult size dose of Miralax, Kenna was making lots of trips to the bathroom that day. I had to get another dose in juice for Bryn and get her to drink it. It was pretty funny. Serves Makenna right for stealing her sisters juice!

Going To The Temple

On May 21st my little sis-in-law Kimber got engaged to Kyle. He took her up to her favorite place in the world, the lake house, and popped the question. They are set to get married Aug. 5th in the SLC temple. I was lucky to be asked to take their engagement photos. It was nice to be asked and I love how they turned out. I hope they love them just as much. I don't want to post them all because I will wait until Kimber/Kyle send out their announcements...but here is one of my favorites! Congrats Kimber and Kyle!

Back to Being on my Own

Today my mom left to go back home. It has been so nice to have her around this week. I had extra help with picking up the house, watching the girls and making dinner. The girls love being with her so I was able to leave them with grammy while I did things I needed to get done. Tyler was busy studying away this week and it was nice to have company while he was gone. Unfortunately all good things have to come to end. We dropped her off at the airport this afternoon and Kenna started crying. My mom had given her her water bottle. On the way home Kenna said, "Mommy...I don't miss grammy anymore." I said, yea? She said, "Yea mommy...I just took a drink from her water bottle and I don't miss her as much anymore. When we go to CA I want to bring her her water bottle." Crazy little girl. She then went home and went down for a nap. About 20 minutes into her being upstairs she makes noise...I told her to come downstairs and I hear this screaming. I go up to check on her and she is screaming and crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I miss my Grammy Catherine. I want her to sleep with me." Poor girl.
Bryn is still doing great. He thumb is pink and warm...just like it should be. We will get to take a peek at it on Tuesday when the dr. unwraps it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Since Surgery

Bryn has been so amazing since surgery. She has slept through the night every night. She has been happy, for the most part. She has been whiney because she is frustrated that she can't pick things up with her favorite hand. She hates her sponge baths. She took pain meds on Wednesday every 6 hrs., took them Thurs. only when she woke up and at bed time, and only had plain tylenol all day today with a little bit of pain meds to go to bed. How amazing is it to go a whole day without pain meds only 3 days after surgery!?! It has been great having my mom here. She has been a BIG help with the girls. Bryn doesn't even want me...she just cuddles with my mom. It has been nice to have company while Tyler is gone studying.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photos from Surgery

Reading books before surgery
Bryn and Tyler
So cute
She is beautiful
Seriously mom? Why am I up so early? And you want to do what to my finger?
Grammy Catherine and Bryn before surgery
Mommy and Bryn
Coming out of anesthesia
Ah....poor baby
Grammy makes it all better
Grammy L and Bryn
Papa, Bryn and Daddy
Bryn was so happy to see Kenna
Waking up happy the morning after
Bryn's favorite cousin

Mommy, Daddy and Bryn

Home From The Hospital

The dr. came and checked us out from the hospital at about 6:45 am. We were discharged and home by 8am. Bryn had a rough evening. She was tired of having the IV in her hand and having a 'club' on her other hand. I was able to get her to calm down and go to sleep at about 9pm. She slept lightly all night. She tossed and turned and sometimes made groaning noises. At 2:30am the nurse came into give her an antibiotic through her IV. She had to hook an IV pump up to her. Bryn slept through it until the medicine started going into her IV. It had to be kept in the fridge so it was cold. The minute it got into Bryn she started screaming. She had to keep the pump on for 30 minutes. So my mom and sat and talked to her and gave her some coke for about 30 minutes. Then we laid her down and she went back to sleep. She was asleep until the dr. came in to check her out and turned on the light. She has been happy to get down on the floor and play and run around at home. She is taking a nap right now. What a trooper!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After Surgery

Bryn got out of surgery about 10:30am this morning. The dr. let us in a little earlier than normal and Bryn was still coming out of anesthesia. It was kind of scary. She was super groggy and wanted to keep falling back asleep. Bryn has had a cold and the anesthesiologist knew that. He listened to her lungs and said she sounded good and he was ready for the surgery. Well when he took us back it was concerned because her breathing tube came out with a ton of green/yellow junk inside of it. He told us to make the antibiotic she is on will cover the nasty green stuff that was in her. She was really happy to see both of her grammy's when she woke up. It is about 2pm and she is still super groggy. There hasn't been much crying. She has been eating ice chips and falling in and out of sleep. The nurse just came in and said that the antibiotic works for respiratory she should be on her way to feeling better by this evening. She is awesome. I would be curled up in a bawl whining right now. But Bryn...she has been awesome!

Surgery Take 2

I will post updates just like last time. It is 7:20am and we have been at the hospital for almost 2 hours. The anesthesiologist came in and checked Bryn and cleared her for surgery. We got here at 5:30am and saw the nurse that checked her vitals. Surgery was supposed to start at 7 and we did not see a dr. till almost 6:45am. Dr. Rayan came in and said hello and told us the surgery would be about 3-4 hrs. Then the anesthesiologist came in and listen to her lungs and cough. He told us the drainage was most likely from allergies and if we waited for her "allergies" to go away she would be 25 before surgery :). Now Bryn is back being operated on. We hope all goes well and that she comes back grumpy...but awake!!! We had the same nurse, Beth, and Bryn cried for about 2 seconds when we handed her off, but then seemed to calm down. And surprise...surprise...guess who went into surgery with her!? Minnie mouse! They let Minnie go back with her.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I knew it!

I hate being right. As of right now the pediatrician says I am right. I have to wait 30 minutes before I can talk to the hand surgeon, but I am pretty sure that I am going to be right.

Hope for a Better day?

Today was supposed to be a better day. It hasn't started out that way. Bryn had a clear faucet yesterday. Today it is yellow/green. She is also more congested. The fever is gone, but she is congested. I called the pediatrician and the earliest appt they had was 10:30am. I called the hand surgeon and he doesn't want to hear from me until I see the pedi. So frustrating. I want to be positive, but at this time I think my positive thinking has left the building. I am assuming the dr. will say she has an infection and won't do the surgery. Let's hope that for I am wrong this time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seriously!? Come on!!!

Well...after struggles with the insurance company we had finally set Bryn's surgery. It has been set for about 7 weeks for May 25th. I have prayed, along with many others, that she would not get sick and the surgery would go off without a hitch. So things are going fine, until Friday. Friday morning Bryn wakes up with a low grade temp and a cruddy cough. I called the moment she got out of bed to the pediatrician. I went in and he said she just had a cold. He told me that if green stuff started coming out her eyes we would need to go back on Monday. Most likely surgery would be cancelled if she was on an antibiotic. The fever stuck around yesterday and her nose was like a faucet...luckily it has been a clear faucet. Last night I went in to check on her about 8pm and she had green gunk in her eyes. Oh no!!! I called the pediatrician's on call nurse. They had a triage nurse call me back. She told me to first take a deep breathe :). Apparently I was stressin. She told me to give Bryn an antibiotic eye drop and to not give her any Tylenol unless her fever got about 101.5. Well the green gunk stopped this morning, the faucet is still clear, but she is sounding more congested.
I am so frustrated and emotionally exhausted. We have been waiting on this surgery for 6 months now. The anticipation has built up. My mom is supposed to be flying out to be here and I am nervous she will get here and the surgery will get cancelled. I don't want Bryn to wait any longer...I don't want to wait any longer. So my next step is to call the pediatrician and the hand surgeon tomorrow morning first thing at 8am! Ughh. Please pray that we can still go through with the surgery. Please, Please, Please!!!
And thank you to any of you that participated in a fast for Bryn. It is greatly appreciated!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Law School Graduation

The happy couple
Kenna wants to be just like her daddy
Tyler and I
Tyler, Steve and Danielle
Kenna is so proud of her daddy
Tyler and my parents
Tyler and his parents
Our family...minus Bryn
Accepting his "diploma"
Tyler being hooded. He was able to be hooded by the 2 professors he received CALI awards from. It was pretty cool.
Having his name read

Makenna watched a movie on her Ipod touch and listened to music. She behaved pretty well for a 2.5 hour graduation!!!
Inside the Civic Center

We did it. Tyler finished law school. What an accomplishment. He worked so hard. Now he will study super hard and pass the BAR in July. Tyler served as the Vice President of his class for all 3 years. He completed his M.B.A. with straight A's while in law school. He served as the secretary of the ABA for 2 years. He was a member of the Phi Delta Phi fraternity(legal honors society). You have to have to rank in the top 20% of your class to be invited into that fraternity. Tyler made dean's list (top 25% of his class) for multiple semesters and received 2 CALI awards (the highest grade possible in a class). He made Faculty's honor roll (top 10% of the class) for one semester. He was a student member of the Halloway Inn of Court. He received a Merit Scholarship all 3 years of school. Tyler was a tutor for contracts 1&2 for 2 years and for property for 1 year. Tyler also clerked for a judge at the Criminal Court of Appeals for 6 months. Tyler also managed to be an amazing husband and father, deal with a child with physical needs during finals and still remain a great law student! Congrats honey!!!

Thank you to Jen for watching Bryn during graduation. There is no way she would have made it through graduation.

Graduation Party

Cash Man...He is so darn cute!
The armadillo in Tyler's parents yard. I have never seen one before. It was pretty cool.

The graduation hat suckers I made. Thanks for the idea Bakerella!
Brad, Landry and Kenna on the 4-wheeler!
My dad and Kenna on the 4-wheeler

Bryn is not wearing her dress because she jumped into the pool. Luckily I was still holding onto her so she didn't drown. She also loves her Papa's electric car. She was having fun climbing in it.
Bryn loves baby Ryker
Thanks Jen for making the Yummy cupcakes. I also had the joy of making the graduation hat toppers...It was fun!

Saturday night we had a graduation party for Tyler with close friends and family. My parents flew out here for his graduation so they were there too. Tyler's mom had a ton of yummy food. Thanks to Art and Letty for cooking and the awesome meat!! Thanks to all the friends and family that came to support Tyler and for the gifts. We are truly blessed!

Touch a Truck

Kenna in the Big Rig. She got to pull the rope for the horn. She thought it was pretty cool.
Kenna driving the army car
In the mail truck
In the school bus
In the City Electrical truck
Big Rig
The girls. Bryn sure does love food!
Fire Truck
Ryder, Kodie and Kenna on the army truck
Kenna driving an army truck

Our city has a cool activity every year for the kids. It is called Touch-A-Truck. I missed it last year and really wanted to go this year, so we did. The city brings in a ton of different trucks. They range from school buses to fire trucks, to ice cream trucks and big rigs. They gave away tons of drinks, chips, ice cream and milk. The kids loved it. They could climb in/out/all over these trucks! Kenna loved honking the horn in each vehicle. It was really loud. Bryn and Tyler joined us at end. It was a really cool event!