Monday, May 17, 2010

Touch a Truck

Kenna in the Big Rig. She got to pull the rope for the horn. She thought it was pretty cool.
Kenna driving the army car
In the mail truck
In the school bus
In the City Electrical truck
Big Rig
The girls. Bryn sure does love food!
Fire Truck
Ryder, Kodie and Kenna on the army truck
Kenna driving an army truck

Our city has a cool activity every year for the kids. It is called Touch-A-Truck. I missed it last year and really wanted to go this year, so we did. The city brings in a ton of different trucks. They range from school buses to fire trucks, to ice cream trucks and big rigs. They gave away tons of drinks, chips, ice cream and milk. The kids loved it. They could climb in/out/all over these trucks! Kenna loved honking the horn in each vehicle. It was really loud. Bryn and Tyler joined us at end. It was a really cool event!

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