Monday, May 17, 2010

Law School Graduation

The happy couple
Kenna wants to be just like her daddy
Tyler and I
Tyler, Steve and Danielle
Kenna is so proud of her daddy
Tyler and my parents
Tyler and his parents
Our family...minus Bryn
Accepting his "diploma"
Tyler being hooded. He was able to be hooded by the 2 professors he received CALI awards from. It was pretty cool.
Having his name read

Makenna watched a movie on her Ipod touch and listened to music. She behaved pretty well for a 2.5 hour graduation!!!
Inside the Civic Center

We did it. Tyler finished law school. What an accomplishment. He worked so hard. Now he will study super hard and pass the BAR in July. Tyler served as the Vice President of his class for all 3 years. He completed his M.B.A. with straight A's while in law school. He served as the secretary of the ABA for 2 years. He was a member of the Phi Delta Phi fraternity(legal honors society). You have to have to rank in the top 20% of your class to be invited into that fraternity. Tyler made dean's list (top 25% of his class) for multiple semesters and received 2 CALI awards (the highest grade possible in a class). He made Faculty's honor roll (top 10% of the class) for one semester. He was a student member of the Halloway Inn of Court. He received a Merit Scholarship all 3 years of school. Tyler was a tutor for contracts 1&2 for 2 years and for property for 1 year. Tyler also clerked for a judge at the Criminal Court of Appeals for 6 months. Tyler also managed to be an amazing husband and father, deal with a child with physical needs during finals and still remain a great law student! Congrats honey!!!

Thank you to Jen for watching Bryn during graduation. There is no way she would have made it through graduation.


Steve and Jen said...

YEAH TYLER!!!!! Congrats to both of you. I know from experience that this is just as much an accomplishment for you Jen as it is for him. Graduation trip to Phoenix, right?!!?

Kristi said...

You guys are just glowing!! You must be so proud. I am amazed at Tyler. I don't know how he did it with 2 little ones at home. Congratulations all of you!!!

megan said...

oh happy day!! So excited for you!! Hope this next little bit goes well with him studying and taking the exam and all!!

And you look beautiful in the photos! Congrats again!

Shanna Nemrow said...

Hooray!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

Corey and Ciara said...

Congrats you guys! Good luck on the bar this summer Tyler!

Joneel said...

wow, those are quite the accolades. Sounds like your husband was exceptional through the whole process. I would be beaming proud for him.