Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not the first and not the last!

Here are some boo boo photos. Makenna loves to play outside. She plays pretty hard too. She loves to run around outside and sometimes takes a tumble. Her poor knees.

Captain Underpants!!

haha....Makenna found a pair of underwear and decided she wanted to weat them like a cape. It was so funny. She put her arms in and ran around the house like she was the coolest thing ever!!

Makenna's Easter Dress!

Easter Egg!!

Makenna discovered that she could fit an entire plastic Easter egg in her mouth....then decided she would show us!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A New Word!!

Kenna said another new word today. She said, "Duck." She has a rubber duck that covers the spout in the tub. I pointed to it and said, "duck" and she started copying me. I would point to it and she would tell me what it was. She also says, "moo" everytime we say cow. Every once in awhile she will say cow too!

We also had fun outside today. Makenna loves to walk around outside. She also isn't afraid to get dirty. Tyler and I were tossing a ball around and she would go chase it! She also loved picking up the leaves and bringing them to Tyler and I! She is one funny little girl!

Makenna also started to sit with us and read. She will bring me a book and sit on my lap and open it up. She then will sit with me while I read it to her. Then she gets up and brings me another book.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another new word!

Well yesterday Makenna said "Grandma" when we were playing with my mom!! Then today when she was with her Grammy Larsen she said "Nemo" like in the fish. She watches Finding Nemo with her Grammy a lot. She is just a talking girl!!

3 Generations!

Christy, Mom, Makenna and Me!
Christy, Mom and me
We had such a fun time together. It was really sad to say goodbye!!

I like to wear Mom's clothes!!

Makenna likes to put on my clothes. She knows how to put her arms in and also put her head through. She wore about 3 of my shirts at one time.

Kissy Kissy!!

Makenna likes to give kisses!!


Grandma Catherine and Aunt Christy came to visit us for Easter!! We had a lot of fun! And guess what!!!!! Makenna said, "Grandma." I said ," Makenna...Can you say Grandma?" and then she did. It was awesome. I couldn't believe it. My mom and I started clapping for her!!


All of our Easter Baskets!
Makenna made out this Easter. She got quite a few Easter bunnies and a spongebob ball. She also got a few pairs of socks!!
Makenna loves to put on people shoes. Christy got some church shoes from the Easter Bunny and Makenna kept stealing them from her and walking around the house in them!

Christy helped Makenna look for Easter eggs around the house. She sure had a blast doing that.

Tyler and Christy got into an Easter egg throwing fight. Makenna thought it was the funniest thing. I have never heard her laugh that hard before!! We were all cracking up! We opened our Easter baskets and then went to church. For Easter dinner we went over to Tyler's parents house!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hanging out!

Hey Mom!!!
What's going on guys!

Oh...I'm sexy! Look at my belly!! Haha.

Yes...I'm Crazy!

Yes... I can do handstands in the window. The world is just better being upside down!!
I love crawling over the couch. Mommy keeps telling me no...so that makes me do it even more!

Haha...well I am not wearing a shirt because I just didn't want to. Mommy kept putting it on me and I kept taking it off.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just Like Momma!

I play so hard all the time that I thought I would take a break and watch some t.v. I really like to wath the Backyardigains and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!

My pants are falling!

Haha...I like to wear my pants low like my uncles!! j/k they just kept falling down.


Like I said before...I love shoes. Daddy's boots are really cool. Mommy helped me put them on. I couldn't walk anywhere in them so I just stood there and danced!!


I love to give kisses. This is how I kiss...haha. I don't pucker my lips out...I suck them in!