Saturday, December 04, 2010

Playing in the Leaves

They do love each other! :)
Kenna Throwing leaves

Silly Faces
Kenna with all the leaves stuck in her hair
What an attitude!
Oh my mom!
Hanging out in the pile of leaves
Bryn looking through the fence

We have quite a few BIG trees in our neighborhood. In the fall/winter we get a TON of leaves. Although we do not have a tree in our yard, it seems like all the leaves collect in our drive. Yesterday we actually has some nice weather (upper 60's-low 70's). I took the girls out to ride their bikes, but they found the leaves to be much more fun. They played in them for at least an hour. Kenna loved throwing them and burying herself in them. Bryn had fun crunching them up in her hands. Who knew leaves would be so much fun to little girls?! :)

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