Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Girls passed out on the way to CA
My mom and Aunt Stacey at the Stadium of Fire
Me and my sister at the Stadium of Fire
Christy, Maddi, Sarah, Jessi and Aunt Stacey
Bryn loves Pop
Michael and Kenna
My grandparents, Dorothy and Glen
Mike and Bryn
Grammy and Bryn
Maddi and Bryn
Papa Barry and Bryn
Bryn and Kenna on the 4th
Kenna and her 2nd cousin Collin

Mike and Bryn
Bryn after eating a donut
Bryn and her great grandma Dorothy
Kenna digging in grandma's garden
Mike and Bryn
Bryn talking on the phone
My mom with the girls in Park City
Christy, Kenna, Bryn and Steven with a moose in Park City
Christy and Kenna

The girls and I arrived in Utah late Wednesday night. Thursday we hung out with family and drove up to Park City and ate lunch. It was fun hanging out with my brothers and sister. My sister and I rode the zipline in Park City. Friday we went shopping then went to grandma's house to visit the cousins. Saturday we had a big BBQ with all the fam! Makenna had a great time hanging out with my cousin Collin (he is 4 yrs old too). They became great friends. Makenna even says Collin is her new b/f. haha! He even kissed her during the fireworks! I told her that there is 'no relations with the relations!' haha!!! Saturday night my sister, aunt, mom, 2 cousins and maddi all went to the Stadium of Fire. Carrie Underwood was awesome. There was also a firework malfunction and a few people caught on fire. It was pretty crazy.
Sunday my parents, sister, 3 bros, the girls and I drove from UT to CA. Yesterday we had a BBQ with my grandparents, went shopping and my bros, dad, sis and I went to see the movie Grown-ups. We are having a good time and the girls are doing really well. I will post some pictures later!

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