Friday, July 16, 2010

Pretend City

Makenna serving Christy lunch
Playing with floam

Kenna Playing in the dispatch tower
My girls as firefighters
Bryn loved playing in the 'marina'
Kenna found the 'beach' and had to play in the sand
Bryn knows where to go! :)

Makenna working in the restaurant.
Kenna driving to the beach
Bryn headed to the beach
Kenna dressed up and danced as a princess
Dr. Larsen checking Christy's blood pressure

Bryn dancing on stage
Makenna in the house she helped build!

Today my mom, sister, the girls and I went to a place called Pretend City. It is a child's size city in a big warehouse. They had a grocery store, farm, construction site, police station, fire station, beach, dr.'s office, art area, atm and dance stage. Bryn loved the dance stage so much. She was cutting a rug the whole time. Makenna loved playing everywhere. It was really fun!


mommaj said...

Where is this place, it looks amazing?

Brittnie said...

That's so cool! Looks like fun!