Tuesday, December 03, 2013


 I have redneck girls, they like to shoot :)

 Telling Santa what they want for Christmas
 The elf got stuck in the snow
 Bryn was writing a letter to Santa
 Kenna writing a letter to Santa
 On the merry go round


Every Thanksgiving, we have had the tradition of taking the girls down to Bass Pro Shop to take a picture with Santa. The boys go play football while the girls go down to see Santa. The girls had a blast. After that we went to see our old neighbor Jeanne. We then went to Tyler's parents for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a yummy dinner with all the fix-ins. There was even 2 turkeys, one cooked by Tyler's mom and one by his dad. We had a ton of yummy dessert. Then Tyler's parents watched the kids while all the siblings went to see the Hunger Games. It was a good Thanksgiving. I was able to go Black Friday shopping. Yes, even at 8 months pregnant. Shopping started early this year, around 7pm. We were done by 2:30am. Really weird. But it was ok, being pregnant, I was totally feeling it and was ready to come home and go to bed!

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