Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Zoo with My Sis

Christy and Kenna
Bryn was wind blown and ready to go
Makenna took a picture of my sis and I
Christy got scared because the 4 birds on her arm started fighting!
Bryn kept poking the goats to get their attention
Bryn and Christy
Makenna feeding the goats
Christy, Kenna and Bryn with the gorilla statue
The glimpse of the baby elephant. The mom was super protective and was covering it most of the time.
The orangutan
Christy's hand compared to the orangutan, chimp and gorilla
The bears foot
The bears cuddled together

While Christy was here we went to the zoo. Unfortunately, the day that we had time to go was not the best day. We went Friday and it was SUPER windy! It was also the day that most schools decided to have a field trip to the zoo so it was packed. The giraffes were not in their area because their fence was being fixed, the lions were no where to be found and it took forever to see the elephants. But even with all that...we had fun! I enjoy hanging out with my sister and she was a great help keeping the girls interested in the animals.

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Brittnie said...

Love that picture of Bryn with her crazy hair! And look how skinny you are! You look awesome!