Saturday, September 29, 2007

Talking Away!

My girl is talking up a storm! She is our little parrot now! Yesterday she said "Couch" for the 1st time. Today Tyler taught her how to say "Nacho Cheese" after the chips he fed her for lunch. And then....haha....Makenna has had a lot of gas lately....haha. So she has been tooting. So Tyler asked her if she farted! So today she "let out some gas" and turned around and looked at Tyler and I and said, " I farr mommy I farr!" It was so funny.
I have been trying to be better at brushing her teeth before she goes to bed. She likes to suck on the toothbrush...not let me brush her teeth. So I usually say, "Makenna say AHH!" Then I stick my finger in her mouth to pry it open to brush her teeth. Tonight in the bath tub I laid Makenna back to rinse out her hair...which by the way, she hates! But to keep her happy while I did it I was asking her where my eyes and nose were so it would give her something to do. She put her finger to my mouth and said, "Say AHHH mommy!" She is such a crack up! Tyler and I are just happy that she is starting to use words and not just grunt and cry!

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Andy and Melissa said...

How lucky you are that she is communicating with more than screams and giggles. I look forward to that day.