Thursday, June 02, 2011

1st Family Lake Trip

Look at her diaper! :)
Bryn laying out
Silly Makenna
Crazy Bryn
Bryn, Cash, Ryder and Makenna
Crazy kids
We sent the kids out to play on the deck Sunday morning and warned them to stay out of the pool. I guess we should have been smarter than that. A few minutes later all 4 kids were in the pool in their jammies.
The kids looking at the lizard
Jenn and I
Kenna loved playing in the water even though it was freezing. We made her get out and put a towel on because her lips were turning blue!
Bryn absolutely loves Jenn. They were chillin on the back of the boat together.
Kenna jumping in backwards with Jenn
Bryn hanging out
Makenna laying out
The water was so cold. She was frozen.
Bryn drinking her juice
All the kids ready to go out on the boat
The girls ready for the boat

For the Memorial Day weekend we took off to the lake. My in-laws have an awesome lake house and have been extremely generous in letting us use it. We have an absolutely amazing time every time we go. We went with my best friend, Jenn, and her family. We went up Friday night, spent Saturday morning on the water (which was freezing), ate at Gambino's for lunch and grilled a yummy dinner. Sunday we packed up and grabbed lunch at Soda Steve's and headed home. It was a fun weekend. Jenn and I went running, the boys took the kids on scooter rides, Jenn and I laid out and we stayed up watching movies as couples! So fun!

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