Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Trip

Bryn and Grammy
Strike a pose!
Bryn knows how to model! haha :)
Crazy smiles
Me and Jenn
Grammy and Kenna with silly faces
Kenna and Grammy
Bryn chilling with Grammy
Kenna driving the boat all by herself!

Me and Jenn
Our Family
My little lake bum! She loves the lake and loves being in the water
Bryn driving the boat
Tyler and Bryn swimming
Tyler and the girls on the tube. I believe this was Bryn's first time on the tube! She did really well!
Bryn loved jumping off the back of the boat into the water!

This summer has been awesome being able to go to the lake so often. My in-laws have a very nice home up there and have been very generous with letting us use it! June 10-12, we made a last minute decision to drive up to the lake. We went with Tyler's parents and my BF, Jenn. Tyler, Bryn and Ty's parents drove up around 5pm on Friday. Makenna went to a birthday party so Jenn and I stayed back and picked her up around 9:30pm and drove up. The girls rode the tube with Tyler and the water was pretty warm to swim in. We drove up to Barnacle Bills and ate lunch. We went out on the boat later in the afternoon, but there was a storm moving and the water was super choppy. We didn't stay out too long. As usual, we had a big, yummy dinner Saturday night. We hung out and then left Sunday afternoon. I really love the lake!

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