Monday, June 27, 2011


So a couple of weeks ago my life changed drastically!! Brynlee learned how to open doors and climb out of her crib. Tyler was out of town and we were over at Jenn's house late so we decided to spend the night. Bryn was put in the pack-n-play. The next morning Bryn was walking around the house. Come to find out Makenna had helped her climb out of the pack-n-play. So later that day I put Bryn down for a nap at Jenn's as well. 5 minutes later, Bryn was in the hall. She had climbed out of the pack-n-play and opened the door. I spanked her bum and put her back in bed. When we got home that night I was hoping that she could not climb out of her crib because it was bigger. She didn't do it that night, but a few mornings later she did! I was laying in bed and heard a thud. I assumed it was Makenna playing in her room. I then hear a door opening (Makenna doesn't open her door in the morning, she knows she isn't allowed to!). Then my door opens! It was Bryn. My life is forever changed. She hasn't done it for a few days until this morning. I am out cold and start hear Makenna screaming about 7am. I jolt out of bed and Kenna is yelling, "Mom! Brynlee is out of bed and trying to open my door! She isn't allowed out of bed so I won't let her in my room!" Bryn received another spanking and got put back in bed. The horrible part is that I ask her if she should climb out of bed and she looks and me, laughs and says yes. I am going today to look for child locks on the doors so she can't get out and for a crib tent so she can't get out of bed. It is super unsafe for Bryn to be roaming the house while I am asleep. There is so much she could get into and get hurt with. I totally worry about her falling down the stairs as well. We trained Makenna to stay in her room until I got her. Maybe Bryn will catch on to that. Also...Kenna never climbed out of her crib! Ever!! Bryn is going to keep me on my toes! The cherry on top of my morning is that Makenna had to tell me, "Bryn didn't climb out of bed when daddy was here. She loves daddy more than you!" Thanks Makenna....

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