Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Makenna went to the dentist today. It was her 2nd time. She went last year when I worked at the dental office. This was her first visit to this dentist though. She did so awesome and loved being there. The hygienist gave her sunglasses to wear so the light wouldn't be bright in her eyes. She did awesome during the x-rays and let the dr. and hygienist look in her mouth. She didn't have any cavities which is great. The dentist was really nice. I really liked their office....so if you are looking for a good pediatric dentist...let me know! Since Makenna was a new patient she got a big goodie bag to take. They gave her a purple dress-up ring which she loved. She also got a toothbrush, toothpaste, red floss, a timer to time how long she brushes her teeth and a t-shirt that has the dentist office name on it. Makenna loves the dentist!

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Waggoner Family said...

I want the dentist's name! Thanks!