Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Bachelor

Oh my goodness! So I was happy for all of like 2 minutes. I was so happy Melissa won. She would make a great mom and was totally perfect for him. Molly seems so immature. I don't know what it is about her, but I don't like her. I can't believe he changed his mind after 6 weeks. It wasn't even a full 6 weeks. He was so in love with Melissa and telling Molly that he wasn't making a mistake. Then has the guts to dump Melissa and not even that...go running back to Molly wanting her to come back to him. I can't believe she agreed to go back to him. I mean...I know she still have the feelings of love towards him but come on! He dumped her another woman telling her that Melissa made him more happy. So I guess Molly enjoys sloppy seconds. Errr I really liked Jason and thought he was a great guy. But...I don't really think that anymore!


The Cherry Family said...

I was really pissed about the outcome too! I read about it in US Weekly at work yesterday before watching the finale and was like, oh i hope that's not how it ends. They were claiming it was a set up with the producers. Scandalous. I don't know what it was about Molly either, but something made me not like her. Curious to see tonights show. I loved Jillian!!

Karen said...

I hope Molly dumps him tonight! Or maybe he will dump her for Deanna! Wouldn't suprise me. He is a loser!

Laurie said...

Jason is a wonderful guy who is just human. I think anyone placed in those settings might have a hard time understanding their feelings from fantasy to reality.

I think Melissa once off camera turned into something unlikeable. I wish he had chosen Molly in the first place! I always thought Melissa was just a fun replacement in his mind for Deanna and very immature. It was sad that he had to end things that way with Melissa. But you could tell that there was nothing there between them when she came out on stage. I think it took a lot of courage for him to be honest and not drag things out.

You could tell his feelings were real when he let Molly go. I hope that they can be happy together for Ty's sake.