Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh So Sad!

We had a great week here at the Larsen home! My mom was able to come and visit Tuesday-Today(Sun). We had a lot of fun together. We went shopping, to a baby shower, a vinyl party, watched movies and just hung out. My mom slept with Bryn every night and got up to feed her so I could sleep all night. It was great to sleep well 5 nights in a row! It was so sad to see her go today. She helped me pick up my house, cook dinners, do dishes and laundry and helped with the girls! Makenna cried the whole way home saying she wanted Grammy Catherine back and she didn't get to play puzzles with her! She said she wanted to go on a plane to see Grammy Catherine. I told her it will be a few months and she just cried. Poor Kenna!

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Steve and Jen said...

What is a vinyl party? I wish I could get my mom to come and visit me. I think they are waithing until the baby comes, but I could use the help now!