Friday, March 27, 2009

Bryn's Hand Appt.

The appt. went well today. The Dr. took more x-rays of the right arm. He said that he wanted to do a surgery on both wrists to stabilize her wrists. Both hands turn inward and he said that they could get worse as she gets older. So he wants to do both wrists at the same time and start that surgery in about 5-6 months. He would then wait 3 months and start her thumb surgery. He would do one hand at a time. He said that he will probably cut some of the webbing between her pinky and ring finger, but would not unfuse the bone. Her fingers go straight up and not out to the side so they look normal and he wouldn't mess with them. When she is older they might do surgery to move some tendions to her pinky to help it move. He said that her forearm didn't need to be unfused because with PT her arm can have normal extension. It is her forearm bones that are fused...not her elbow. I asked him about his success rate and he kind of was defensive. But I tried to just see if he thought it would be a pretty easy surgery or if hers would be more complicated than normal. I asked him if I could see some pictures of surgeries he has done and he said he could do better than that. He went into the next room and then came back. He said that the child's mom next door gave him permission to let us see her little boy. He has NAGER syndrome which effects the face and thumbs. The Dr. had done his pollicization surgery on both hands. It looked awesome. It was so cool to see yet another child that had success and looked so good. My mom was able to go and meet the Dr. for the first time and that was nice for her. It made her feel more relaxed about this surgery we are going to do for our little girl. There are a lot of people we have talked to that have been extremely pleased with the Dr. and his work. We are excited to have him help our little girl.


Karen said...

I am glad you guys are getting answers to all your questions. Bryn is in good hands...with her doctors, but especially with her parents. After working in Pediatrics for a few years and observing so many wonderful and capable parents faced with difficult circumstances, I learned quickly that Heavenly Father knows exactly where he is sending his children! Have fun with your mom in town!

Waggoner Family said...

I am so glad you went and met with the dr. and I am glad you are comfortable with him. I am excited for Bryn! You are wonderful parents and I am glad I have you to look up to!

Stephanie said...

Yea! I'm glad it went well and that your mom was able to meet the doctor! Have fun with your mom! Let's get together soon! : )