Thursday, October 18, 2012

How is Makenna?

Makenna is doing well. She has the attitude of a 13 year old though. She is snippy and acts like a know it all. She is learning quick though that that does NOT fly with me. She had a donation drive at school and was one of the top 15 students in collecting money. She won and IPod touch and a limo ride with the principal, oh yea, and a cool t-shirt ;). Funny thing is, she has lost her IPod almost everyday she has had due to bad behavior. I'm trying to nip this thing in the bud quick. I want my sweet little girl.

I had a P/T conference with her teacher at the beginning of October. The teacher told me what I already knew, that Makenna was excelling in the classroom. She was tested for her reading and is reading a 2.4 (second grade, fourth month) reading level. She is testing above average in math as well. It was good to get to know her teacher. I am very confident in her teacher helping her excel and stay ahead in class. Makenna loves her and she loves Kenna. I am able to help out in Kenna's classroom this year as a volunteer and look forward to getting to know the kids in her class.

Makenna is still in dance and enjoying it. She is getting a lot better at soccer. A couple weeks ago, she made 2 goals. We are so proud of her. This winter she will be trying out basketball. Should be comical, but she begged to play, so why not!?

We are very proud of Makenna and know she is a super smart, beautiful, talented little girl. She will do great things in life and will hopefully be an example to others. Heaven help us to get to that point ;)

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