Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dallin and Keely's Wedding

This post is a little out of order. It is from August 2012

 Dallin and Keely with the flower girls and ring bearer
 Tyler and I on the wedding day
 Our family at the reception
 The bridal party - Tyler was the best man
 Nicole and Bryn
 Bryn on the wedding day
 Bryn on the day of the reception

 Our family
 Keely with the flower girls
 Me and my girls
 The girls on reception day
 The girls at the temple
 All the cousins
 Brad and Jan with all the grandkids
Bryn and Addie looking through the temple doors
 Nicole and Kenna
 Kenna on the day of the reception

 Kimber and the nieces
 Makenna on the temple day
 Nicole and Bryn
 Nicole with the girls
 swinging on the front porch
 Bryn loving on Addie
 The completed Larsen family - except all the grandbabies to come
The girls at the temple
 Kenna petting a starfish
 Bryn and Kimber in the slide

 The girls. Addie didn't want to be a part of photos at all

 Kimber and the girls

On August 1, 2012 the girls and I headed for Atlanta, GA. Tyler's brother Dallin was married in the Atlanta LDS temple on August 3, 2012. Tyler flew on the 2nd. We went the the Atlanta Aquarium on the 2nd with the girls. It was Tyler's sisters, me, all the girls and Nicole. On the 3rd we went to Dallin and Keely's sealing the temple. After that we got in the car and drove about 3.5 hrs to McRae, GA. It was a super small town. That is where Keely is from. The next day, the 4th, there was a reception in McRae. It was very pretty, quite the party. The next day we got back in the car and drove 3.5 hrs back to Atlanta to fly out back to OKC. It was a whirlwind weekend. The girls had fun with their cousins, they loved being a part of the wedding and they wanted to be a princess like Keely. Jan did a great job planning everything down to a T. We had an itinerary and everything. We knew exactly where we needed to be and when. She is such a good planner. 

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