Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Phone Pics

 How sweet is that?! Bryn feel asleep like this on the trip from Atlanta to McRae
 Me with Dallin and Keely on the night of their reception
 The girls so sad to say good bye to Nicole at the Atlanta Airport
 I watched my best friends kids for almost 2 weeks while she went on cruise with her family. It was long, good week. It for sure had its ups and downs, but I survived. This is after I got all 4 kids ready for 9am church all by myself.
 My biffle and I before we got rained out of the cancelled Sugarland concert
 Diane, my best friends mom, and her 50th wedding anniversary quilt. I was able to deliver it to her in Utah when I went up for my brothers wedding.
 Me with my brother and his wife, Kristen
 Seeing an old friend, Rashel. She has such a cute little family

 Bryn was super excited when we found this Minnie Mouse at Costco
 Bryn with Minnie and Mickey
 Oh how I love In-N-Out. No, those aren't both of my burgers. One of them was my moms! :)
 While in CA, the girls made plates for Steven and Kristen's new home
 Riding on Radiator Racers at CA adventure
 Bryn loved the ladybug teacups
 Makenna and I on the Tow Mater's Junk Yard
 Christy and the girls on the teacups
 Bryn was tuckered out after Disneyland
 bahaha...Bryn passed out on the plane on the way back to OKC. We wore her out in CA.
 Jan took Makenna out for a grandma/Kenna afternoon and Kenna got a manicure and pedicure. She was so excited. She got zebra print nails.
We had some friends over to watch the football game. They had kids too so we put their kids in Bryn's room and had Bryn share with Kenna. This is how I found them when I went in to check on them. So cute.

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