Saturday, January 02, 2010

Celebrating Kenna's Birthday

Kenna trying to push the ball
Tyler got a strike. I got 3 :)
Kenna pushing as hard as she could
Kenna eating her fruit snack
Tyler helping Kenna throw the ball
The girls and I
Bryn chilling in her stroller!

Since we were traveling on Makenna's birthday we didn't get to do anything super fun with her. Yesterday we stayed in our jammies all day and played with all the girls new toys. Today we all went bowling together and then to CiCi's pizza for lunch. Kenna had a great time. It was her first time to go bowling. She loved picking up her own ball and rolling it down the ramp. After she pushed the ball she would wait for the ball to hit the pins and then ask, "did I win?" haha. I told her that she scored. Tyler and I even scored a few strikes. Makenna almost had a strike, granted she used a ramp and bumpers...but that's still good!

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