Thursday, January 07, 2010

Makenna Lynn

On December 31st Makenna turned 4! I can't believe I have a 4 year old. Kenna keeps me on my toes. She is super spunky. She has smart comments to almost everything I say to her. She has learned that she is a princess and at the moment she has chosen to be a Diva Princess. She is super smart. Here are a few things Makenna likes to do:
-paint, color, draw and do sticker books
-sing and dance
-write her name
-ride her bike and barbie jeep
-play dress up and wear make-up
-play and teach her little sister

Kenna knows how to:
-write her name
-trace shapes, letters and numbers
-sing her ABC's
-count to 20
-she knows her phone number and birthday

Kenna loves to go to school. She is so excited that we signed her up for 2 days a week this semester instead of just one. She is excited to start gymnastics on Wednesday. I can't believe she is not going to be in Sunbeams anymore. I think her next step is CTR 5. She loves singing her silly songs in the car. I have figured out how to video message my mom on the computer and Kenna loves talking to her, making faces and showing her how she can dance. Kenna is like a sponge and remembers almost everything/anything anybody does. She can remember things from forever ago. Her biggest thing is asking me if she can do something and if I say no, she says, "Can I do that when I am 5?" Everything is about turning 5. "Am I turning 5 tomorrow mom?" "Can I go to California when I am 5 mom?" I told her that she just needs to enjoy being 4!
Kenna is still a picky eater, but not as bad as she was. She is a meat eater for sure. She loves chicken, steak, sausage, ham, turkey, hamburger and hot dogs. She eats apples, oranges, grapes and bananas. We have been working really hard with her on eating veggies. It took her almost 1.5 hrs last night to eat 2 baby carrots. If she doesn't like something she chews it until it's mush and then gags on it. We are trying to break her of that habit as well.
She does a good job of reminding Tyler and I that we need to say our nightly prayers. She loves saying prayers and prays for everyone in the family. She loves learning about Jesus and Heavenly Father.
I am excited to see what her 4th year brings! Love you Kenna.

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