Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Bryn has been one cranky bugger lately and started running a fever Friday night. We had a friend, who is an ENT, come over Saturday and look at her ears. He said her right ear was clear, but he could not see her left. I guess her ear canal was long and narrow and had a build of wax that was too far in for us to clean out. So Monday morning, first thing, I called the dr.'s and made her an appt. The dr. was able to clean out her ear and said that she had a pretty bad ear infection. She gave us antibiotics and numbing ear drops. She seems to be feeling better today.
Makenna has been really sleepy lately and not eating very much. I thought it was just a phase of not eating and a growth spurt with all the sleeping. She has been falling asleep around 6:30-7pm every night and sleeping till about 8-8:30am in the morning. She came home from school yesterday and took a nap. When she woke up she had gunk in her eyes. My first thought was, pink eye. I was nervous that I had sent her to school and she had infected others. So first thing this morning, I called the dr. She looked in Kenna's ears and her right one was infected. She also looked in her throat and said her throat was bright red and swollen. She has a sinus infection as well. No pink eye!! Yea!!! Now Makenna is on antibiotics!

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Andy and Melissa said...

I hear ya on the infections thing. Both my kids had croup about 3 months back. They never stopped coughing. I thought maybe it was because we had traveled, so maybe just cause they were off their normal schedules they were haveing a hard time getting over it or something. Took them to the doctor last friday and Sterling had an ear infection, and Stella had walking pnuemonia. Crazy. Both have been antibioticed up though so we are hoping they will be good. Stella has to go in for one more appointment to make sure she is all good, but then I am hoping they can stay well for a long time!!! Hope your kiddos get feeling better asap! By the way - you look beautiful in all of your family pictures!