Monday, January 25, 2010

On Her Own Time

Bryn is a stubborn child. Everything has to be done on her time frame. When she turned 6 months, I wanted her to sit up. I practiced with her all the time. She had no desire to do so. Finally around 8 months she thought sitting up was worth it. Finally at 10 months, with a cast on, she decided to go from laying down to sitting up. Now she is 14 months, today, and has decided that maybe...just maybe...she wants to walk. Since before 12 months she has been pulling herself up and walking around the tables and walls. I wanted so bad for her to be walking by 12 months. Well that day came and went. At Christmas she turned 13 months. I thought for sure she would start walking in CA. Nope...that didn't happen. A few weeks ago we finally got her to take a step or 2 by bribing her. Last week we started holding markers and setting her up on her feet and getting her to take about 5-6 steps to get the marker. Well I think today something clicked. She started walking from the couch to the table, which is about 3 steps, continuously. Then she was standing up and dropped something on the ground. She sat down to get it and then was able to get back up on her own without pulling up on the table or couch. When Tyler's mom stopped by she took about 7 steps to see her. When it was time for her bath tonight I got her undressed and stood her up in Kenna's room. I walked into the bathroom and said, "come on's bath time." She started walking into the bathroom. She only wants to walk when it is convenient for her. She totally can do the act, but chooses not to most of the time. Hopefully she learned today that it is so much easy to walk than crawl!
Also...Bryn started waving a couple of weeks ago. She now waves all the time.


The Silfies Family said...

Way to go Bryn!!!

Andy and Melissa said...

dont you hate how they have their own time table for everything?