Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

Kenna didn't like the falling snow hitting her in the face!
Kenna eating snow while Bryn watches! :)
Kenna making her first snow angel
Kenna keep trying to eat the snow. Gross!

Kenna throwing snow balls
Bryn wanted to be outside with us. She did get a kick out of us throwing snow balls at the window though.
The snow on top of my car
The ice ledge on the back of my car. We cleared off the trunk to get inside so it left a ledge. The camera is against the car pointing towards the ground.
The ice ledge on the back of the car. The camera is against the back of the car looking to the front. There is that thick of ice all over my car, trees, streets et
Kenna sat down and said, "This looks like a great place for me to take a rest."
The ice on the tree
4 inches of snow...and it still wasn't done!

Yesterday we had an ice storm. It started raining in the morning and then around 9:15am the freezing rain started. We had freezing rain all day. There is about 1/2 inch of ice over everything. The roads are slick. All the schools have cancelled class for yesterday (thurs) and today (fri). Luckily we have kept our power through all of this. Today it started snowing early and snowed all day. Kenna and I went out to play around 3pm and it snowed the whole time we were outside. We came back in around 4:15. Around 6pm I looked outside and you could barely see some of our foot prints. The snow just kept coming down. We are not supposed to get above 32 degrees until Sunday. So no thawing out tomorrow! It sure was fun to run around in the snow with Kenna though. Too bad we don't have any mountains around....sledding and snowboarding would have been fun!

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megan said...

that is some thick ice!
fun idea to put a measuring stick in the snow!
and I love the pictures of kenna in the snow