Monday, July 27, 2009

Beals Reunion

Jemece and Triston
Emmie, Aislinn, Kai, Kenna and Reagan
Brad, Bryn and Addy
Bryn and Little Richard
Makenna and Heidi. Heidi was such a trooper and humored Kenna, read her books and let Kenna follow her around. She is so sweet! Kenna loved Heidi!
I don't know if Kenna is loving Bryn or trying to strangle her! haha
Aunt Janice and Kenna
Addy and Bryn like to look at each other.
Next to my girls...these are the cutest kids ever... Jaron and Emmie!!
Uncle Lomand and Kenna. Kenna loves Uncle Lomand. From the very first day she stuck to him like glue. He let her help him make fire, he helped her make smores and probably heard Kenna say his name a million times. He was a kid magnet. He had 2-3 or more kids hanging on him at all times. He is like Santa Claus. The kids love him and so do we!
Look at all the kids at the fire
Emmie and Kenna became best friends.
Aunt Janice and Bryn
Brad and Kenna on the 4-wheeler. Kenna loves riding with her Papa. She did fall asleep both times they rode though. Guess she was playing to hard with the cousins.
My girls are too cute!
Kenna loved her visor! Jan bought foam visors for the kids to decorate and Kenna was so proud of hers.
Aunt Kimber and Bryn
Uncle Dallin and Bryn
Makenna and Bryn watching Thumbelina!
In the car on the way there.
This past weekend we had the Beals Family reunion. It is Tyler's Mom's side of the family. We had about 65 people come. Kenna had plenty of cousins to play with. Her, Emmie and Aislinn became best friends and played great together. The older cousins, Reagan, Heidi and Kai, played well with Makenna as well. For those of you know Kenna...this is huge!!! I didn't hear the words "Their not sharing" at all the whole weekend. The kids played amazingly well. The cool weather felt really nice. It was good to see family that we haven't seen in a long time. Most of them haven't even met Makenna! The girls did awesome in the car. It was a 13 hour drive there and a 13 hour drive home! Good Job kiddos! We sure did miss Tyler. He had to stay at home for school and work.

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