Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Makenna Recently

Here are a few recent pictures taken when I was playing around with my camera

Kenna had her first kindergarten parent/teacher conference last week. She passed with flying colors. The teacher says she is above and beyond most of the other kids in her class. She knows above and beyond the sight words she is supposed to know and is beginning to read on her own. The teacher was impressed with her. The only 'bad' mark she received was that she talks a little too much. I kinda expected that seeing how I had that exact problem growing up. 
Makenna also just finished another soccer season. She really blossomed this year. She was getting in the group and kicking the ball. She made quite a few blocks. She worked hard and did well.
Kenna had her first field trip in kindergarten. She was so excited to go because she was able to ride the bus to and from the field trip. She has wanted to ride the bus all year. The class went to the fire safety village. It is a kid size village at the fire department. The fire department walks the kids around the village and teaches them safety rules like: looking both ways before you cross the street, playground safety, what to do if you find a gun or matches, how to be safe while swimming and safety while riding in cars. It was really neat and she had a great time. I was able to be a parent helper and loved watching Kenna with her classmates. 
Makenna is definitely going through a growth spurt. The child is eating like a 16 year old boy. She is too smart for her own good. She will give us a run for our money. I sure love her. She is our little miss smarty pants. She is excited to learn and loves school. She is also doing gymnastics still which she really enjoys.

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