Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Brynlee Recently

This photo pretty much sums up Bryn
She is in love with Minnie Mouse and she is full of energy

Bryn has been talking up a storm. She is still taking speech therapy for 1 hour a week. She has been evaluated through the public school system and will start speech and occupational therapy through the school when she turns 3. A couple weeks ago she had a hearing test and passed with flying colors. She was also evaluated for a visual disability and the therapist said she does not have a visual disability. Yes she needs glasses, but beyond that she can see and function with 'normal' children. So that is great news.
She is still taking gymnastics. She is no longer in a mommy-me class. It is so fun to watch her in room by herself. She is so full of spunk and loves her teacher.
Bryn is still in her mothers-day-out program and loves it. The teacher says I get my moneys worth because she plays super hard. She gets so excited to go to school.
Bryn is in love with babies. She will be a great little mommy. She loves to hold and feed her baby dolls. Whenever she sees babies out in public she gets so excited. I can't believe she turns 3 in about 2 weeks.  She is still in love with Minnie Mouse and for some reason really like Elmo as well. We have never watched Elmo, but she loves him. She got her first pair of mittens this week and wants to sleep in them every night. She loves apple juice and would drink it all day if I let her.
Her eyes are doing well. She has another check up next week. 

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