Saturday, February 12, 2011

Speech Therapy

Well...Bryn is going to start Speech Therapy on Tuesday! She went to a two part evaluation and Tyler and I met with the speech therapist last Monday to talk about the results. The therapist said that her gut feelings is that Bryn will just start talking on her own. Bryn is 26 months old and is at a 28 month old level for understanding language. Unfortunately she is at a 20 month old level for expressive language. She is so stubborn though. I bet she will give a fit at therapy and then wake up one day and just start saying full long sentences. But until that day happens, she will be attending speech therapy twice a week for 30 minutes. This little one keeps me on my toes. I hope she will start speaking soon. I am tired of being hit when she wants something! :)


Karen said...

Sounds just like Kate! She didn't start talking until after we moved to Baltimore, but now she talks NON stop! She is also one stubborn little one can tell her what to do! Good luck!

Shanna Nemrow said...

I was in speech therapy as a kid and it really did wonders for me. I'm sure Bryn will do great :) And I love the Valentine's Party pics! I am totally going to throw one like it next year :)

Oh! I got Mackenzie's bathing suit online from Children's Place. I get 20-25% off emails from them so I got a pretty good deal...they have matching flip flops too. ;)