Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Elf On The Shelf

Our household has started the tradition of Elf on the Shelf. Our Elf made his appearance last night during family home evening. I read the story to the girls and then we placed him on our mantel. The girls had to name him and they named him Elfie the Elf. Every night, Elfie flies to the north pole to report to Santa if they belong on the naughty or nice list. Then he comes back to our home and finds a new place to sit for the day. This morning the girls found him in the chandelier above our table. They were so excited that he came back. There are only 2 rules: They cannot touch him because he will lose his magic and he cannot talk to them, Santa's law! They are encouraged to talk to him. The girls are reminded that if they are not behaving nicely Elfie will tell Santa and they will be put on the naughty list. I am so excited to start this tradition.
Also last night during FHE we made foam christmas trees. The girls each got their own and could decorate them any way they chose. I am excited for our FHE next week - Christmas light outing. Every year we get in our jammies with a drink, popcorn and candy, grab out blankets and hop in the car and drive around looking at Christmas lights. It has to be one of my most favorite traditions.

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Laura said...

where can i find the story?