Thursday, December 08, 2011


Since Elfie arrived on Monday evening, moods have been a little bit better! Makenna's attitude has been better. Whenever she starts to melt down I just say Elfie is watching and she turns that frown upside down ;). This morning Bryn was mad because I had to do Kenna's hair first because we were running late to school. Bryn hit Kenna. I told her not to and she looked at me with a sneaky look and hit Kenna again. I then said, "Bryn...Elfie is watching you! Don't hit Kenna" She then said, " I happy Elfie. See Elfie. I happy. I kiss Kenna Elfie! I kiss her." Then she kissed Kenna's leg. It was hilarious. Whenever she is bad I say Elfie is watching and she says...I happy Elfie. I tried to explain to her that it's good she is happy, but Elfie can still tell Santa she is being naughty.  Bryn sure is a funny girl! She was excited that Elfie appeared in her stocking this morning. She keeps saying, "Elfie watch me in my boot!" haha.
Kenna has been so excited every morning. She wakes up and the first thing she wants to do is go find Elfie!!

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