Monday, April 06, 2009


I watched conference yesterday! There were a lot of good talks. Some of the main points I got out of conference were:
  - service/serving others/strengthen family
  - there is opposition in all things/have sunshine in your heart
  - the only place that can be compared to the sacredness of the temple is the home
  - laugh instead of complain
  - focus on your blessings and not your trials and tribulations 

I was so excited to start the week. I have been trying to work with Makenna and be calm and speak to her in a calm manner. I want my home to be one where the spirit can dwell. I want my children to feel safe and loved at home. But, it has been so hard this morning. I have been praying for help with Makenna. Her crying, whining, not listening and everything else has gotten me to the end of my rope. She expects to get what she wants, when she wants it. I lost my patience this morning after a long night and early morning with her. Why does satan have to attack the family? Why does he have to cause problems at home? It makes me want to try even harder to not let Kenna get to me because then satan wins. So for now...I am venting on my blog. I am yelling right now on here so I don't yell at Kenna. I love her...I really do. You have all been there. I am not the one who will deal with a defiant 3 year old. So I will just take the words of President Uchtdorf--it takes faith, diligence, patience, and long suffering to grow! So I will have faith Makenna will change, be diligent in working with her to help her change, patience when she doesn't change and hopefully endurance to get through the long suffering of helping her change!

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