Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bryn is a Rockstar

So Bryn is turning 5 months old next week. My crazy little girl has been rolling over for a few days now. She rolls herself into walls, into the coffee table and off her blankets. I can't leave her on the couch by herself anymore and I can't put her in the swing without strapping her in. She also arches into a banana. She is hilarious. Bryn also loves to growl and grunt. She army crawls around a little bit. She is using her hands a lot more and is developing like any other 5 month old baby. update on my children post. I saw Lily today at church when I was holding Bryn. The first thing she asked me was, "Does Bryn have thumbs today?" was so cute. She was so sincere and curious. I told her no...that it would be a few months before Bryn has thumbs!

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