Thursday, April 02, 2009


Makenna started gymnastics about 2 weeks ago. She goes with her friend Blake. She has 6 kids in her class. She loves it. They swing on the trapeze, go down slides, jump on the trampolines, walk on the balance beam and much more! She has so much fun. And her favorite at the end of class the teacher gives them stamps on her hands and feet. She calls them her tattoos. She does pretty well in class. I was surprised at how well she does.
Also...Yesterday we were waiting at the dr.'s office for one of Bryn's appts. Grammy Larsen bought Makenna a puzzle to do while we waited. It was a 63 piece puzzle made for children 5 and older. Kenna sat down and started working away. She worked for about 10 minutes and was almost finished with it! The nurse called us back and Kenna insisted that she stay in the waiting room to finish her puzzle! And she did. She is way too smart!

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