Friday, April 24, 2009


Addison Dodson
April 24, 2009
7lbs. 9oz.
19.5 inches long
Addison getting her first bath. Look at all that hair!
Brynlee and Addison. Brynlee was 1lbs. smaller when she born than what Addison is. Look at how big Bryn is now. She is now 5 months old!
The proud mommy!
Grammy Larsen and Bryn

Papa Larsen and his 3 grandbabies! George (Makenna), Spider (Brynlee) and Cricket (Addison)

My sister-in-law Danielle, Tyler's sister, had her baby today. She went into be induced Wednesday night around 8pm. She was in labor all day yesterday and was not really progressing. Today she will still at a 4 and wasn't progressing so the dr. said she needed a c-section. Mom and baby are doing fine. Addison is really cute. She has a ton of hair. I am now officially an Aunt, Tyler an Uncle and the girls finally have a cousin! You did awesome Danielle! Congrats!


Stephanie said...

Congrats Auntie! She is adorable! She has sooo much hair!

Shannon said...

She is precious! Glad she made it here safely! Tell the parents congratulations!