Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Makenna just saw a picture of Jesus and this is the conversation.
Kenna: Mommy...Jesus died and that helps us.
Me: Kenna how does that help us?
Kenna: So we could live with Heavenly Father.
Me: Where did you learn that?
Kenna: Church taught me that and the picture at Grammy's.

Another one:
Makenna: Mommy, your legs are itchy. (she calls hairy itchy. haha like when Tyler hasn't shaved his face she says his face is itchy.)
Me: Thanks Makenna
Makenna: Mine are skinny (as she rubs her legs) -- (skinny means that they are smooth. She puts lotion on her legs and says...I'm getting my legs skinny mommy!)

And another
I had just gotten her dressed and she looks at me and says
Makenna: Does this make me look fat?
Me: No Makenna. You will never look fat. You are skinny!

In the car
Me: Makenna who is coming tonight?
Makenna: The Easter Bunny
Me: What is he going to bring?
Makenna: Presents
Me: What kind of presents?
Makenna: Toys
Me: What kind of Toys?
Makenna: Clowns
Me: Why Clowns?
Makenna: Because they are funny!

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