Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tyler is 28

Yesterday was Tyler's birthday.  He is an old man now...haha j/k :) We celebrated Tuesday night with his family. We did family dinner and his mom made his favorite dinner ... waffles with strawberries and whip cream. Then yesterday he went to lunch with his law school buddies. Last night I took him out to our favorite pizza place. I also made him his favorite dessert...walnut brownies...and he got one of his favorite ice walnut. I hope you had a great birthday honey! We love you!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like he had a great birthday! Happy birthday!

Laurie said...

Oh my, he is getting up there!

Hope you had a wonderful day!
I enjoyed having a good reason to join my husband for lunch.

Andy and Melissa said...

This is funny cause Andy was 28 when we got married. He's now 32. Talk about old man. Haha... Happy birthday Tyler, and good luck on finals. Andy's start mon, so I'm sure tyler isnt far behind.