Monday, December 31, 2007

Makenna is 2!!!!

A little trip down memory lane!!!
Newborn Kenna!
Kenna eating Cake on her 1st b-day!
Kenna blowing out the candles on her 2nd b-day!

Makenna was born 2 years ago at 5:50 pm.  She has now entered the terrible two's. During dinner tonight, she went over the the cupboard that had the pasta noodles in it. She looked over at Tyler, Me and Tyler's mom and smiled at us. She then dumped out the noodles on the floor and started stepping on them all while staring at us and smiling. You could totally tell she was doing it on purpose! It was crazy. Terrible Two's have arrived!!!!

It's a Dora Party!!
Yummy Cake!
Grampy and Grammy!
Aunt Dah and Uncle Steve!
Helping Grammy cut the cake!!
Tonight we celebrated Makenna's 2nd b-day with Tyler's family! I can't believe that 2 years ago she was born! How time flies!! It seems like it wasn't too long ago we were having a Baby Einstein Party for her at her 1 year b-day! Makenna had so much fun blowing out her candle! She kept having her grammy light it over and over again and she kept saying, "i blow..." because she wanted to keep blowing out the candle! We went over to Tyler's parents and ate some yummy BBQ and ate cake and ice cream! Kenna got a cool new DVD player to go in the car so she can watch Bob, Diego and Guys in the car :)  I think overall....Makenna had a great b-day. Makenna also got some clothes for her b-day!  Tyler and I gave her a Dora plate, bowl and cup set with a fork and spoon! Between Christmas, 2 B-day parties and lots of presents...I think she was totally spoiled :)

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