Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Week Before Christmas

So...It has been a long week!!! Last Sunday we had Christmas with Tyler's family! It was actually quite exciting. I got the coolest new toy! I got an awesome Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI!! It is my new baby!!...haha j/k :). Then on Tuesday morning we hit the airport at 6:00am and flew out to Utah! My family and Tyler's family were both going to Utah for the holidays. We spent Tuesday-Friday with Tyler's mom, sister, aunt, uncle and cousins. We had a lot of fun shopping and hanging out. Tyler finally made up his mind on what he wanted for Christmas from his he came home with and XBOX 360...his new toy!! Then today...Saturday...we went up to SLC to see Tyler's best friend Moki and his family! It was good to see them and Moki is always fun to be around. Then later I got to see one of my good friends Rashel and her family. I have missed seeing her!! Tyler and I got to watch the BYU/UCLA Vegas Bowl game at my grandparents with my grandpa, grandma, uncles and cousins. I canNOT believe UCLA missed that field goal! That was absolutely crazy! My family drove to Vegas for the game and will be here in Utah tomorrow (sunday). I am excited to see them! So overall...we have had a pretty good week!!!

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