Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's That Time of Year!!!

Oh my goodness!! It is COLD here! Today is our first round of ice for the season! Oklahoma doesn't get the pretty white fluffy, fun to play in snow :)! We get the freezing, rock hard, slippery ice! Today church was canceled due to slick roads. We have a huge ice storm moving in and the freezing rain from last night made the roads into one big ice skating rink! A lot of people don't really understand how bad these storms can be! Schools shut down...businesses shut down and activities are canceled. The ice gets really heavy on power lines and some people end up without power! So yesterday ...of course... Wal-mart was packed with people stocking up before the storm hit...because once it can't get out...or at least you won't want to put yourself out on the roads!!! So I may be staying put until it thaws out. It is supposed to get worse tonight and in the morning but then move out tomorrow afternoon. So hopefully Tuesday it won't be too bad. Tyler also has his last final for the semester on Wednesday!!!

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